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Different scams we have seen come into our store. And other information from our research.

Free Download? Or Fake Download?

Sep 10, 2021 by Patrick

You know that movie you have been dying to see…but it is not free through any of your subscription services?

So you search for the title + “Full Length Free.”

We have all done it. And it is not just movies. Music…books…games…

Sometimes you find what you are looking for, available on one of those seedy websites with a billion ads. All you have to do is hit “Play” and you are in – SUDDENLY an unwanted download occurs.

Hackers exploit user anticipation. Which is exactly what they are doing right now with Kanye’s newest album, Donda.

By seeding the Internet with fake, malicious download links, cybercriminals are gaining access to user data.

Ironically, some of the fake downloads even include user surveys requiring them to prove they are not a robot. Features like these give users a false sense of security, increasing the likelihood they will go through with the download.

Excitement causes users to disregard the sources they are using. An obvious safeguard for situations like this one is to only use trusted sources such as Apple, Google or Spotify. However, “trusted” is not always as  trusted as you would like. Today’s ZERO TRUST computing world demands new technologies designed to detect malicious activities initiated by these types of attacks!

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Malware Scams

Jan 25, 2020 by Patrick

I decided to try to write this particular blog in hopes people might Google some of the phone numbers or error codes that are intentional scams. Have you ever had a something pop up on your screen and they are telling you to call a phone number, well please do not call any phone numbers that appear. Here is what will happen:

  • They will ask you to look at something like Event Viewer, you will open it, they will say do you see those Red X’s and Yellow !. When you say yes, they will tell you that is part of the malware or issue. These occur in everyone’s Event Viewer you are not special in this regards.
  • They will ask for access to your computer, once you do they will move the mouse around and look like they are looking at things.
  • In the background they could be installing remote control software to gain access to your computer in the future.
  • They may change your primary password, behind the scenes.
  • After they do they will tell you for $200 to $400 they can clean things up, if you say no and they changed your password you may not have access to your system.

Some of these are just ads meant to scare you. It usually works because they include someone talking and horns blasting. Try these steps:

  • Power off the machine.
  • Turn it back on
  • Open your web browser, if it asks if you want to restore pages, click No
  • Clear your Temporary Internet files from the beginning of time
  • Verify your applications are up to date: Java (if using), Adobe products (if using), and Microsoft

As I receive scams or find them I will update them, here is the list: You have a Malicious Pornographic Spyware/Riskware Dedected (Error # 0x80092ee9) Your Microsoft License has expired

As I find phone numbers of scams they will be added below, all of these numbers are being used for scams. DO NOT call the following phone numbers:

  • 1-844-531-2979 (fake malware support)