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Our typical clients have between 10-50 workstations and (at least) one physical server. Many are located in Milwaukee county, but we service Waukesha, Racine, and Dodge counties, as well. The services provided vary, some have compliance standards we must meet, but one thing they have in common is that they depend greatly on the Internet, access to email, and most important their computer IT network for operating a successful business. Because they are specialist in their fields they depend on us to provide, establish, and support the advanced technology systems that transform their company into highly dependable and effective businesses.

A few things we have noted with both our company and our customer are successful:

  • They understand that making an investment in business technology will decreases operating costs, while improving efficiency.
  • They understand that in having a reliable and dependable IT company improves the overall productivity and can increase their competitive advantage in their respective industry.
  • Relies on the most reliable and secure IT and network infrastructure.
  • Trust us as their partner and can think of us as a trusted advisor when it comes to changes in Technology.
We will find the BEST IT Solution for your organization. Not a one size fits all approach. And most important no long term contacts. We believe we need to earn your trust and will want to continue to do so.

This is our “all-in-one” IT solution we refer to as DKare. What is included is device and network monitoring along with access to all our remote and on-site services. By using this option you can calculate your monthly IT budget. We calculate the cost based on the numbers of servers and workstations you have. Anyone with a computer or a network issue can create a service ticket by email, online, or by calling DK Systems for support. This allows you and your staff to stop worrying about putting out fires and focus on your customers..

Hourly Services
If you do not want to lock into an “all-in-one” package We offer our traditional houly rate for service. You still get the support by emailing, creating a ticket online, or calling. There are no contracts signed, it is important to note we do not monitor networks or backups. We do offer remote or on-site support – we charge an hourly rate for the work completed as requested by the client.

We serve the following industries:

★ Accounting
★ Insurance
★ Financial
★ Construction/Manufacturing
★ Engineering
★ Landscaping
★ Law
★ Not-for-Profit

Whatever industry or application you use, we know how to get your company the computer security and efficiency needed to keep your company moving forward. Call us at (414) 764-4465 to get the conversation started.