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About a week ago, we posted some important guidelines for avoiding a ransomware attack.

But what if you ARE hit with ransomware? Then what?

Check out these 5 steps for recovery – and if you haven’t implemented a backup plan, start working on one now!

  1. Isolate and shut down critical systems – containment should be prioritized during an attack. It is possible all networks have not been infected. Your first goal is to STOP THE SPREAD.
  2. Enact your business continuity plan – hopefully you have one! This should include details on how to restore critical data and systems to get back online.
  3. Report to law enforcement – many businesses hesitate to do this, but it is necessary for a quick recovery. Law enforcement agencies can provide resources that would be otherwise unavailable.
  4. Restore from backup – which means…make sure you are BACKED UP! Many companies fail to back their data up, thinking they will not be targeted by an attacker. Bad decision! Always back your data up!
  5. Remediate common entry points – if you routinely run risk assessments, you will have a good idea of where these might be. If you do not, it is time to get someone in there now! Responding to a ransomware attack without knowledge of your vulnerabilities is like going in blind. Recovery is going to take significantly longer.

If you do not have a well-thought-out and tested plan in the event of an attack, it is time to grab these 5 steps, gather your team, and create one!

You do not want to delay this!

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