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If you TRAVEL frequently – or you have taken a local hotel up on their day-rental options, mid-covid to gain some quiet work space – KEEP READING

Hackers specifically target HOTEL Wi-Fi – and it is not hard to figure out why:

  • Poor security
  • Lots of people crowded together in one building
  • Lots of personal information at their fingertips

The best way to avoid poor hotel security is obviously not to use hotel Wi-Fi. Bring your own wireless access BYOW – i.e. mobile hotspot.

For extra protection, use a VPN, and make sure all updates have been installed before leaving your home. 

In the event you do have to use hotel Wi-Fi without these additional safety measures, stay alert…

  • Is your mobile device running slowly or launching apps on its own?
  • Are you experiencing automatic website redirects?
  • Are you seeing pop-up advertisements appear more frequently?
  • Is your battery life low?
  • Is your cursor moving on its own?
  • Are you receiving more unwanted emails, texts, or calls than usual?

These signs should are RED FLAGS – but many people miss this stuff…it does not end well for anyone but the attacker!

P.S. Have you seen my free guide on 8 critical IT security protection your small business should implement? Download it here and fine out 8 Critical steps SMBs should be doing.

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