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I understand the reluctance to purchase new computers every 5 years. It can seem like a hefty expense for something that is not broken. However, there is a reason that larger businesses have a strict 4-5-year replacement timeline on computers. They understand that the efficiency and productivity of their business is highly dependent on the tool that their users are on 90% of the day.

In this blog, we will lay out exactly what those hidden, and not so hidden, expenses are that can cost your business real money.

  1. Reduced Productivity: Old computers tend to run slower, have longer boot times, and struggle to handle modern software and applications. This leads to decreased productivity as employees spend more time waiting for tasks to be completed.
  2. Increased Downtime: Older computers are more prone to hardware failures and crashes, leading to increased downtime for employees. This downtime translates into lost productivity and potential revenue.
  3. Security Risks: Outdated hardware and software are more vulnerable to security threats. Unsupported operating systems may not receive critical security updates, making them easy targets for cyberattacks and data breaches.
  4. Higher Maintenance Costs: As computers age, their components become more prone to failure, leading to higher maintenance and repair costs. Those little fixes here and there add up quickly. It is better to skip that headache all together or have a computer that is new enough to still have a warranty!
  5. Energy Inefficiency: Older computers are generally less energy efficient. They consume more power, leading to higher electricity bills. Unfortunately, nowadays that translates to real dollars lost every month.
  6. Negative Perception: In a professional setting, outdated technology can create a negative impression on clients, partners, and potential employees. It may signal that the business is not keeping up with the times and may not be capable of delivering cutting-edge products or services.

Also, a quick bonus reason:

Impacting Innovation: Artificial Intelligence Tools, New Applications, the latest software updates, etc. In the ever-changing world we live in, not being able to take advantage of applications built for quicker and newer computers puts your business at a serious disadvantage.


The good news? That new computer pays for itself very quickly!

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