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A common assumption is, if you have experienced a breach – specifically a ransomware attack – it will not happen again. Pay them and they will move on…

Not so.

In fact, businesses who have been attacked have an 80% chance of being attacked again! That is 4 out of 5!

And being attacked by ransomware is not just about paying or not paying… 


  • huge losses in revenue
  • Big drop in brand or services reputation
  • A high likelihood of having to lay off employees

26% of businesses interviewed had to close entirely…

Simply because a ransom has been paid and you have survived does not ensure it will not happen again…it is hard to deal with all of these factors once. But twice?

We have had some major big name attacks recently…Colonial Pipeline, JBS USA (our biggest meat packing company) and others.

Some of the victims (Colonial, for example) were not ready. In fact they did not even know they were on the radar.

No one PLANS to be targeted by a hacker. It just happens. 

Taking note of the vulnerabilities hackers exploited in recent attacks can help us be vigilant and prepared before a breach – or a second breach – occurs.

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