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Undoubtedly, you have received one of those annoying emails from your bank or social media account alerting you of a compromise…

What happens next is extremely frustrating – the bank cancels your card…you wait a week to get a new one…or if it was your Facebook profile, you have to mass message a million people you never talk to and advise them not to click on the phony link they got “from you.”

The same kind of stuff happens in business…and usually it is linked to human error…someone did not change their password, someone clicked on a bad link, etc.

So how likely are you to get hacked today?

Do not ask your IT department – because they do not know. Try measuring your risk…It is not as easy as it sounds…

What kind of protections are in place? More importantly, are they being properly utilized?

Think about it this way – you can mount a security alarm in the entryway of your home, but if it is not connected to the security company, it will not do much for you when an intruder breaks in…

A room full of equipment is useless…and likely means you’ve been breached or are about to be…

You need visibility – where are your assets, what or who is protecting them, and are there holes waiting for the cybercriminal to break through?

Everyone has them…the question is do you know where yours are.

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