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IF YOU ARE RUNNING MULTIPLE LAYERS OF SECURITY – from different vendors – it is time to consolidate.

Here is why:

Small-medium size businesses do not have gigantic security budgets or big security departments…if you are one of them, you know how hard it is to protect company data with a small budget.

Multiple solutions equals FRAGMENTED visibility to certain parts of your internal environment, making it easier for hackers and cyber criminals to bypass existing security.

Visibility is critical (DETECTION) – it does not matter if you have a bunch of security solutions in your office… If you cannot adequately see (DETECT) what is going on, you are basically ASKING a hacker to choose you…

Good consolidation combined with heavy automation – enables small security teams (or an outsourced team) to do more with less…

And of course, most small teams lack the real expertise required to operate security solutions effectively…

If you are looking for an MSP provider who also knows security, you will want to consider these critical items:

  • 24X7 proactive monitoring of the organization’s environment
  • Real-time detection/response technologies
  • Management of events, alerts, customer inquiries, and incidents
  • Proactive threat intelligence and threat hunting
  • Remediation guidance – emergency response.


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