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Free Cybersecurity Vulnerability Assessment (CVA): Reveals where your Company is at High Risk to ransomware, hackers, and other devastating cyber-attacks

When this 100% confidential Cybersecurity Vulnerability Assessment (CVA) is complete, you will understand and know:

  • IF your IT systems and data are truly secured from hackers, cybercriminals, viruses, worms, and even sabotage by rogue employees.
  • IF you and your employees’ login credentials are being sold on the Dark Web We can practically guarantee one or more are… THIS will shock you).
  • IF your Microsoft Office365 accounts are locked down properly against outside threats – Microsoft Office365 and employee e-mail accounts are frequent targets of cyber criminals and must be locked down properly.
  • IF your employees truly know how to spot a phishing e-mail? We will actually put them to the test. We’ve never seen a company pass 100%. Never.
  • IF your current antivirus, firewall, backup systems, and security updates are enough to really protect you and your company – 99% of the computer networks we’ve reviewed would NOT survive a ransomware attack.
  • IF your remote employees are creating security holes in your network. In today’s world that case, the move to remote workers has left many companies and their computer networks completely open to hackers and malicious characters.
  • Exactly what types of security attacks is your company completely vulnerable to and what is a plan of attack for how to shore up any holes.

You will also receive a customized “Total Cyber Vulnerability Report” that reveals your potential liability based on the type of data you have and the vulnerabilities we find. We will also provide you with specific steps you need to take to correct any issues we’ve found.

Do not wait to find out the hard way! Please remember that EVERYTHING WE DISCUSS AND DISCOVER WILL BE STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL.