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Cybersecurity Services

Let Our Team Help You Need to Keep Your IT Secure

Have you ever hear about large-scale security breaches, but think your business is secure. Surprisingly most small and medium-sized businesses tend to think they do not have a problem. Then an employee clicks on an email and all your files are encrypted. A good cybersecurity plan should include tools, policies, and training to prevent, detect, and mitigate threats to your business.

Our team of experts (includes an ethical hacker) that specializes in IT and cybersecurity solutions that you can trust. We work with you, to create a cybersecurity program designed to protect you from the latest threats. Our plan is what security experts referred to as defense in layers. A hacker can be determined and often look for low hanging fruit. Our goal is to not make you a low hanging fruit, make it difficult to cause you harm. Think of your house and all of the layers of protection you use, we do something similar for your business.

One breach can cost your company big money. Click on our PII Breach Calculator to learn more about the costs associated with a breach.

Our process to secure your network begins with a comprehensive security assessment.

Not ready for a cybersecurity assessment, check out our Dark Web page, we offer a couple videos to help give you more knowledge. Click here Dark Web scan, for a free search.

Our secure IT solutions include:

Application and Endpoint Security

Our team provides desktop cybersecurity protection and monitoring, as well as next generation antivirus with AI intelligence, endpoint detection and response (EDR), domain name system (DNS) filtering, and more. We will help improve your company’s security practices. We offer solutions to find, fix, and prevent security issues within your environment.

Staff awareness training

Technology is great and we can implement expensive tools like some of the big companies and some IT consultants will tell you this all you need to protect your data. No matter what they say the best defensive tool you can use is your employees. We provide staff awareness training for cybersecurity and data privacy. We are hearing more from customers who tell us their insurance company is asking if you provide cybersecurity training. It is really not that expensive it is based on the number of users.

Network monitoring

Hackers often will sit on a network and not snoop around at night when no one is working, on average a hacker will sit in a network for several months before doing anything. They tend to look around for a while and see what information they can get to. Our solution monitors your infrastructure, we watch for new devices that have been added, hunt for malicious software, often hackers tool-kits, and other signs a bad actor is looking around your network.  We proactively maintain the performance of your network and monitor network devices such as switches, firewalls, routers, wireless LAN controllers, servers, printers, storage devices and anything else connected to your network.

Data backup

Backing up your data is critical to help recover your business after a disaster such as accidental loss, ransomware, fire, flood, etc. In some cases it is required by most industry regulations and privacy laws. Our team will ensure your data is backed up in several ways so you will always have up-to-date copies of your data available to be restored the instant you need them.

Digital Data Security

Our goal at DK Systems is to ensure the continuous security and availability of your data. We have the experience and expertise to keep your data safe from external and internal threats, whether from bad actors or accidental. Some ways we protect your data, use of Multi-factor Authentication (MFA), encryption, and information rights management (IRM). Recently MFA is becoming a requirement in order to get Cyber insurance check with your agent to confirm.

Policy Management and Development

Let our team of cybersecurity and data governance experts help build the policies that will keep your data secure, safe, and compliant. We will provide continuous monitoring of your policies, and offer guidance on ways to address new vulnerabilities and threats. Different regulations may require different policies, we will help offer the most common to get you started. 

Protect your business from cyber threats with our comprehensive cybersecurity services. From firewall installation to network security assessments, we have the expertise and experience to keep your company safe online. Contact us to learn more.

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