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If you use any type of fitness app, you will want to check this out…

GetHealth, an American based company that collects information from fitness wearables, helps users record the data on their computers.

Recently, security researchers located over 61 million user records in the Internet – UNPROTECTED – including passwords, dates of birth, names, and other identifiable information.

There is no real way to know if you were one of those people – but here is what you CAN do…

Update everything:

  • Chrome just put out an important update that patches a significant vulnerability.
  • Microsoft also put out multiple new updates.
  • Apple was compromised last week and also released an update.

Why do these updates matter? 

Your fit device is sending your personal information to the platforms you use to organize it. Maybe it is a Gmail, maybe it’s an Apple phone. By updating your software regularly, you’re consistently installing new patches that reduce your vulnerability to hackers skimming info off the web.

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