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We have seen an alarming number of ransomware attacks since the start of 2021…

If you are in a small or medium size company, you know the chances of surviving an attack are slim and costly.

During a recent panel, security experts outlined 3 ways to protect your business from ransomware – they are things we think every business owner should know.

  1. Update your email security and deploy URL filtering – new strains of ransomware will override some security tools including encryption. Regular updates to your security measures will ensure there’s no easy instant access for attackers.
  2. Have a well-thought-out and religiously tested backup plan – most businesses do not plan ahead for a ransomware attack, which sets them up for immediate disaster. Do not casually discuss possibilities for a backup. TEST it thoroughly so you know it will not fail in the event of a breach.
  3. Train end-users – when people are aware of ransomware, they can avoid it. Many small and medium businesses cut corners where security training for employees is concerned – making them one of the highest points of entry for the hacker.

The worst possible approach to data security is, “It won’t happen to us.” The likelihood that it WILL happen to you is rising. Make sure you’re playing OFFENSIVELY, not defensively.

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