As a business owner you should know the importance of your business data.  When you come up with a backup and recovery this becomes known as Business Continuity.  Business Continuity is a term used to describe the ability to recover and keep running your business. In today’s world there are still the old threats of lightning, fire, and theft, in addition to new threats to your company data.  Ransomware is just one of the many new threats facing businesses. If you do not know what ransomware is or can do, it will encrypt your files and make you pay to recover them.  As a business with a good backup and recovery in place you can reduce your downtime.

Let us work with you and business to come up with solution that will meet the needs of your company.  From planning, prevention, and protection to ensure your data is available when you need it. We provide safe, reliable, and secure backup and restore options at affordable prices.

We offer a variety of options:

  • Place a backup server in our local data center for off-site protection.
  • Cloud backup solution, we are partner of Carbonite and StorageCraft
  • A variety of options for local backups

Things to consider in any backup solution:

  • Time to recover data that was not backed up
  • How long can I be down for?
  • How long do I need to maintain backups? Do you have any regulations you need to follow?


Whatever your need we can help you. Call today: 414-764-4465 x1