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How Likely Are You to Get Hacked Today?

Mar 31, 2021 by Patrick

Undoubtedly, you have received one of those annoying emails from your bank or social media account alerting you of a compromise…

What happens next is extremely frustrating – the bank cancels your card…you wait a week to get a new one…or if it was your Facebook profile, you have to mass message a million people you never talk to and advise them not to click on the phony link they got “from you.”

The same kind of stuff happens in business…and usually it is linked to human error…someone did not change their password, someone clicked on a bad link, etc.

So how likely are you to get hacked today?

Do not ask your IT department – because they do not know. Try measuring your risk…It is not as easy as it sounds…

What kind of protections are in place? More importantly, are they being properly utilized?

Think about it this way – you can mount a security alarm in the entryway of your home, but if it is not connected to the security company, it will not do much for you when an intruder breaks in…

A room full of equipment is useless…and likely means you’ve been breached or are about to be…

You need visibility – where are your assets, what or who is protecting them, and are there holes waiting for the cybercriminal to break through?

Everyone has them…the question is do you know where yours are.

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Here is Why Security Consolidation is a Good Idea

Feb 11, 2021 by Patrick

IF YOU ARE RUNNING MULTIPLE LAYERS OF SECURITY – from different vendors – it is time to consolidate.

Here is why:

Small-medium size businesses do not have gigantic security budgets or big security departments…if you are one of them, you know how hard it is to protect company data with a small budget.

Multiple solutions equals FRAGMENTED visibility to certain parts of your internal environment, making it easier for hackers and cyber criminals to bypass existing security.

Visibility is critical (DETECTION) – it does not matter if you have a bunch of security solutions in your office… If you cannot adequately see (DETECT) what is going on, you are basically ASKING a hacker to choose you…

Good consolidation combined with heavy automation – enables small security teams (or an outsourced team) to do more with less…

And of course, most small teams lack the real expertise required to operate security solutions effectively…

If you are looking for an MSP provider who also knows security, you will want to consider these critical items:

  • 24X7 proactive monitoring of the organization’s environment
  • Real-time detection/response technologies
  • Management of events, alerts, customer inquiries, and incidents
  • Proactive threat intelligence and threat hunting
  • Remediation guidance – emergency response.


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2021 the end of Adobe Flash Player

Jan 3, 2021 by Patrick

If you have been using the Internet for a long time you will remember websites having flashy pictures and videos, this occurred because of Adobe Flash Player. Flash Player was used on a lot of sites, so many that Google included it in Chrome, but soon it will be a distant memory much like AOL’s dial-up service.

The company Adobe has set a firm date of January 12th 2021 as the official end of life (EOL).

If you recently updated Flash Player, you will have a version that will provide warnings to uninstall the application. Like all software updates to security are released, but this will be the last version/security update being released. Over the past few years Flash Player has been vulnerable to attacks on holes found in the code.

Adobe will be making every effort to warn users to remove the software.

What will most likely happen. If you go to a website and they have an ad created using Flash Player, the ad will detect your browser will view a Flash video. What you do not realize is embedded in the ad could be malicious software to attack your computer. Home users, be sure to remove Flash Player.

Businesses, if one computer on your network is running Flash Player after January 12, you risk your entire network and data to be potentially compromised. Be sure your IT consultant or IT staff remove Flash Player before this date.

With our Managed Service plans for home and businesses, we have the ability to remove outdated software as well as ensure computers and servers are update to date.

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Skip the Hotel Wi-Fi…Here is Why:

Nov 19, 2020 by Patrick

If you TRAVEL frequently – or you have taken a local hotel up on their day-rental options, mid-covid to gain some quiet work space – KEEP READING

Hackers specifically target HOTEL Wi-Fi – and it is not hard to figure out why:

  • Poor security
  • Lots of people crowded together in one building
  • Lots of personal information at their fingertips

The best way to avoid poor hotel security is obviously not to use hotel Wi-Fi. Bring your own wireless access BYOW – i.e. mobile hotspot.

For extra protection, use a VPN, and make sure all updates have been installed before leaving your home. 

In the event you do have to use hotel Wi-Fi without these additional safety measures, stay alert…

  • Is your mobile device running slowly or launching apps on its own?
  • Are you experiencing automatic website redirects?
  • Are you seeing pop-up advertisements appear more frequently?
  • Is your battery life low?
  • Is your cursor moving on its own?
  • Are you receiving more unwanted emails, texts, or calls than usual?

These signs should are RED FLAGS – but many people miss this stuff…it does not end well for anyone but the attacker!

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Employees – the Weakest Link in the Cybersecurity Chain

Oct 22, 2020 by Patrick

Do you know your company’s security plan from start to finish? Have you actively participated in a test-run of your RECOVERY PLAN in the event of an attack?

Cyberattacks are more prevalent and sophisticated than ever before. As the threat landscape multiplies in size… YOU might be placing more FAITH in YOUR EMPLOYEES than perhaps you should be…

The challenge is growing with most of your employees working from home.

What should you be doing?? 

Employee training is now at the top of cyber security expert’s lists for preventing attacks – If you are still working on prioritizing security, you can check out the NIST’s Framework to inform cybersecurity training & awareness.

You can also check out the do’s and dont’s of cybersecurity for some DIY training.

IT decision-makers are drowning in an endless sea of to-do’s that COVID ushered in – unexpectedly. EMPLOYEES ARE THE LAST LINE OF DEFENSE – make this a priority – SOON!

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This Browser’s New Update Will Tell You Which Websites Are Tracking You…

Oct 22, 2020 by Patrick

It is a little bit scary to think about – but some of the websites you visit have been TRACKING you.

Maybe it is not a major problem for your Facebook ads to align with the new furniture you were just browsing on Amazon – but if they keep it up long enough, they can put together a complete profile on you…

Married, three kids, baby on the way, plays golf, uses Apple products, eats organic…how much more do they know? 

Turns out, computers KNOW MORE ABOUT YOU than most of your friends or family…

GOOD NEWS For Apple iPhone Users (And Mac Users) – latest Safari update tells you who knows what about you – pretty handy.

Not only that, you do not have to update your entire Mac iOS if you do not want to. Just pull up your app store and click on Updates. DONE in SECONDS!

After you update, you can open the browser and click on Safari Dropbox > Privacy Report.

Once you have read your privacy report and learned who is tracking you, you will probably want to change some of your browser settings – more security! You can learn more HERE!

P.S. Have you seen my free guide on 8 critical IT security protection your small business should implement? Download it here and fine out 8 Critical steps SMBs should be doing.

Will the Sale of TikTok Include Your Data?

Sep 14, 2020 by Patrick

TikTok – you know, the big craze for weird dance videos…How much of your data is sitting on TikTok servers right now? Maybe none. How about your kid’s data?  Did you know your kids are a big target for hackers? 

Microsoft may be buying ByteDance…the PARENT app to TikTok.

This is a massive security concern… TikTok has close ties to the CHINESE government. And they love US data! 

If China requests data from ByteDance (And they probably will), the Chinese laws will FORCE ByteDance to turn over a shocking amount of data…data IT IS COLLECTING about us…

Yes, it’s possible ByteDance will be added to the Bureau of Industry and Security Entity list, immediately BANNING it (and TikTok) from American IP and technology…

To bypass this, Microsoft recently stepped forward as a potential purchaser of TikTok. If they follow through, it’s unlikely all breaches will be sealed…Will the Chinese government keep copies of the data they’ve already collected? …No Doubt.

The sale price of TikTok could include your personal information and data. Expect their data to also include everything collected from your employees…those using their own devices for business…YOUR BUSINESS!
So here’s the question…how much is your data worth to you? Expect Microsoft to make a decision by September 15th. Continue Reading HERE.

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Do You Know Your Top 5 Security Threats?

Aug 31, 2020 by Patrick

Half the battle for privacy and data security can be won simply by knowing what the enemy is up to…

Hackers target the most vulnerable…

Companies have discovered the cost efficiency of the work-from-home model, while data thieves have busied themselves by stealing from naive employees!

Here are the TOP 5 SECURITY THREATS you need to be aware of…

  1. PHISHING (Sending you emails designed to take over your computer).

    I agree, this is a major threat. Even the trained security professional can’t always tell what’s real, and what’s an attack.

    The good news…when destructive software hits your computer we can usually see it with the right detection technology in place.
  2. RANSOMWARE – taking your computer hostage.

    Again, I agree this is a major threat. The media has made us somewhat numb to it… however, don’t be fooled.

    Hackers can easily hit you with a ransom request if you’re not well protected against them.
  3. CLOUD VULNERABILITIES…well, cloud isn’t an attack or threat.

    Most of the attacks (over 50%) over the past 12 months involved the cloud.

    The fact is, people falsely believe they don’t need greater protection because they are in the cloud. Your phone, laptop, or desktop (when using the cloud) is the place hackers will attack.

    Remember, your data is not encrypted when working on it – the end node is a key part of your network and must be protected.
  4. GDPR – again this isn’t an attack or threat either – it’s a new law from our friends in Europe… 

Compliance in general has changed the way we look at security – in many cases its lulled small business owners into a false sense of security.

Being PCI, HIPAA, or GDPR compliant, in no way says, your data is safe. Check the boxes, then assess risk, finally, secure the data.

CRYPTO-MINING. This one is an attack…having your computer taken over to process cryptocurrency illegally.

Crypto-mining will eat up your bandwidth, computing power…even point to you as the perp!

Crypto-miners take over systems and use them for their crime…make sure this doesn’t happen to you. Some simple tests can tell us if your system is being used for this type of crime.

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